9:19 am, May 22, 2015

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  • Posturing?
    Mike McMike
    Maybe. But I think the cliff may be real this time. The GOP is PO-ed for getting roughed up at year end.
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  • DoD workfare has to end...
    it will not be pleasant but these abusives have been going on for decades and decadesa and decades. The bloated defense budget needs to be cut in half. And this is just for starters. It will hurt the local economies, hurt families, hurt contractors but this is an absolutely necessary action that needs to be done and end the artifical stimulation to local economies who have been feeding at the tough for far to long. We should never have allowed these local economies to become so dependant on federal defense spending. The loss of this income will hurt local and state economies. This is long overdue and its NOW time to pay the piper and you can blame your local, state and federal elected officials for keeping their collective heads buried in the sand while all this was evoling like twos trains coming thru a tunnel right at each other...time to pay the piper.
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  • The Federal Role should be limited to Defense, Postal Service, interstate navigation. Welfare, entitlements, all that wasted unconstitutional stuff should be eliminated, and left to the States to administer as they see fit.
    The Original Joe S
    Any National programs which might be necessary should only be administered THROUGH State entities, thereby keeping the Federal monster out of our daily lives.
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  • "...all that wasted unconstitutional stuff should be eliminated..."?
    FERS Fed
    So, no federal response to hurricanes & tornadoes; no food or drug safety; no air traffic controllers or airline safety; no clean air or water? None of that 'wasted unconstitutional stuff'? Really, Joe?
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