6:07 pm, May 22, 2015

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  • What Again?
    Do we have to go through this every single budget? Does Congress not understand how much it costs to shut the government down, and even the threat of it? The last midnight deal on a Friday night had employees cancelling travel, training and appointments thinking there real was going to be a shut down that time. Then when there wasn't, Monday morning they had to reschedule appointments, redo travel and training. Just the time involved to make all the cancelations and then put them back into play costs huge bucks over the entire government. The law that says an employee cannot work if shut down (and not essential) means you can'g cancel on Monday, or even Sunday if there really is a shutdown, you have to do it Friday before COB, just in case. All employees should get up to 4 hours of essential hours (if approved in advance by manager) to make these changes and to cancell appointments if need be. They can be credit hours for all I care, but it would save the government huge dollars.
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