9:44 pm, May 22, 2015

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    We've seen how wage & price controls on the private sector have worked in the past (implemented by both parties); it 'don't'. The stupidity of the current administration and its accolytes just keep on giving.
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  • Stop Your Pathetic Whining
    The only thing "illogical" here, is how contractors seem to expect to make a profit working for the government.
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  • And You Thought Communism Went Away
    The federal government wants to tell its contractors - private business - how much they can pay their executives? Dump the COMMIE who's rolling this ball! The cure is to reject bids that are too high, PERIOD.
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  • Its about time
    "completely reverses policy and approach" for determining executive salary that has been in place for decades." If I hire you, I'm not hiring your CEO, I'm not hiring your CFO, ect. I'm hiring you to do a job. Federal contracts and for that matter, all government contracts have been overly priced for their service and for decades. Why did that toilet seat cost $600.00? Cause we were paying for a CEO to hire a guy that charged 300.00 for it. Nonsense! Want to save money? Want to lower the debt? STOP paying contractors 4 times the cost to hire one person to do the job!
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