8:35 am, May 23, 2015

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  • Reality Strikes
    Time to face the music - Congress has spent every cent every one of us entrusted to the US Treasury for our retirements. All that's left are IOU's - which are only worth what you believe the Treasury, Congress, and the Administration are worth. Guess we need to remember the reality of previous generations. Spend less than you make and save the rest someplace that the "government" can't get it's hands on it. If the "government" can reach it - it's gone and all you have left in your hands is your trust in a failed "government." Time to replace them all - top to bottom - with a more reputable group. That won't ever get our "long gone" retirement contributions back but maybe it will help our children and grandchildren have some hope for the future.
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  • And for those of us with NO children
    Just me
    I hear all this talk about how we must cut the deficit and the debt and reform government for the sake of your children. These are all worthwhile goals, but the motivation just doesn't work for me. More to the point,NDPNDNTMind, if the issue was TRULY about your kids, then tax increases (for you) should be on the table. I somehow doubt that will happen.
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  • give a little get a little
    Exactly - if Feds can give a little, then so can the multi-millionaires. Apparently the tax on the rich will yield as much revenue as the cutbacks on Feds. What's good for the goose is good for the gander. The difference between (most) feds and (most) rich is that those Feds do something for the country, while the rich (of today) work on outsourcing to illegals (at home) and to China (commies abroad).
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  • How to pay
    To get rid of the deficit the two major items have to change. First stop policing the world. The middle east has been at war for 1000s of years, not 100s, 1000s. We need to get out. To go in and spot attach some terrorist that attachs us, great, but get in and get out......... Two, stop paying people to have children, and to sit at home at not work. Our welfare programs are way way way way to generous. I don't mean people should starve. But the obesidy rate for our "poor" is huge. They on average have plenty to eat, and a car, and a home and a cell phone, and take vacations and go skiing, etc. The people on public assistance should be able to eat real food, not junk food, not eat out not steak, etc. on my dollar. They should have a place to live that is not rat invested, but not luxurious either. No cell phones, that is a luxury. Any public housing could have local call only phones installed. No long distance. People are getting tired of saving and saving for their retirement, to have someone who has spent it all or lived on welfare their whole life live better on welfare! Anyone (with some exceptions for the really disabled, not those with a bad back) who does not pay into Social Security should not get any benefits or Medicare. The system should encourage people to get back to work as quickly as possible, any work. Not live on unemployment for 4 years because they can't find a job that pays them more than the unemployment and or welfare. We need to get real here. Those two items are a good start.
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  • To Linda
    You general statements and ideas are good, but I do have minor issues. Just because a child looks fat, that does not mean they eat junk food. They or some may. I would limit the use of food stamps to healthy food. How would you reduce births. Forced birth control? Careful, as much as your statement is logical, is it constitutional? They should not be allowed to have a car without full tort car insurance. How would you stop cell phones if they have the money? (How do they have the money?) Perhaps enforcing social worker visits to make sure they are taking care of their kids would help. Finally, if the job pays less than unemployment, it cannot support a family. A reasonable job or take the job and not totally cut off enemployment might be an idea. This economy stinks. It is very difficult to get a job.
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  • chained COLA
    The problem with indexing our cost of living raises to the chained inflation rate is that: 1) CPI (chained or not) already DOES NOT include food and energy, the 2 things that EVERYONE has to buy. 2) The chained rate creates a "race to the bottom" mentality, whereby we're set-up to go from eating steaks to eating meatloaf to eating spam to eating ramen noodles and egg whites. Chained CPI is even more of a scam on the middle class than removing food and energy (again the 2 things we all HAVE to buy with our wages) in the 1980s was.
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