8:18 pm, May 27, 2015

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  • Congress: Pot calling the Kettle Black!
    Lisa Lisa
    Many of Congress (and Senate too) have come nerve talking about how overpaid fed employees are. My point: Congress each make 6 digits. They ran for office and got voted in to office. They willingly took the job. They get paid for doing all of the things that political leaders get paid to do. Fed workers also draw salaries to do the job they were hired to do. Passing a budget that everyone knows is due and to be effective Oct 1st of each year. Last year, they didnt pass a budget until April. THIS year, we again are coming out of teh gate with a CR. Now, they all took a nice long vacay when our nation is on the brink of bankruptsy and has been for the last what...5 yrs? Fed workers are overpaid huh? The big difference is, I can guarantee you that 98% of the workforce gets their jobs done. They get their budgets in. They do their jobs. Congress on the other hand, has NOT done their job at all. They have bickered, argued, caused the FAA to practically shut down for 3 weeks, couldnt get together until the final hour on the debt ceiling, and now again, cant get a budget passed on time. Dont tell me fed workers are failures when our Congress has failed in epic proportions.
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  • Congress - No Pay if the Budget is not passed on time
    Congress complains about the federal worker, but Congress needs to look in the mirror. My office completes its budget process on time and we stay within budget. Congress routinely fails to complete its budget process on time. Congress can't blame anyone, but itself because the President sent his budget to Congress on February 14, 2011. Congress had plenty of time to pass the appropriate legislation. Since then, collectively, Congress has failed to perform its job. Senate Bill S. 388: A bill to prohibit Members of Congress and the President from receiving pay during Government shutdowns was passed in the Senate on March 1, 2011, but has been held in the House of Representatives without assignment to a committee since March 2, 2001. H.R. 819, The Government Shutdown Fairness Act, was referred to the House House Administration on February 18, 2011. No action has been taken on the bill. H.R. 1305, To prohibit Members of Congress, including the Delegates and the Resident Commissioner to the Congress, and the President from receiving pay during Government shutdowns was referred to the House House Administration on March 31, 2011. No action has been taken on the bill. Congress must pass a bill to stop them from receiving pay in a government shutdown. We have no other way of forcing Congress to perform their jobs responsibly and timely. Waiting until the next election cycle is not an effective deterrent to the repeated and blatant failure of Congress to perform one of its primary duties. Federal Worker who only wants Congress to do its part to solve our economic woes
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