11:37 pm, May 24, 2015

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  • What did you say?
    Just me
    From your article " FPS to charge for services? Among the other things the legislation would do is let the DHS secretary make the Federal Protective Service a fee-for-service agency, which will allow FPS to collect fees from other agencies for its services." FPS is already a fee for service agency. It has always been funded in this manner. So either the article needs better research OR this bill really accomplishes nothing. I wonder which it is?
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  • It's the latter.
    Just me
    Well, I looked into the bill, and it truly does say that FPS will collect fees for services. So the Congress is working on a bill that includes a provision for FPS to change absolutely nothing. This despite the fact that FPS has been the subject of review and outrage, by Congress, on more than one occasion and the subject of FPS funding has arisen each time. Couple this lack of change with the provisions (in the bill) which legislate a management body the DHS has already formed and it is possible to see how much true reorganization is happening at the legislative level...absolutely none. I don't know if I'm more outraged or offended that Congress continues to be paid for conccocting this type of time wasting nonsense when truly pressing matters (the debt and unemployment) need to be addressed. President Obama should tell Congress that he will reject this bill and ANY other bill that doesn't address one of four things: The debt, jobs, disaster relief, and the 2012 budget.
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