10:04 pm, May 27, 2015

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  • More choices = more costs
    Why do people want more 'managed' choices for their TSP? Because it is the lowest cost 401K on the planet. Why is is the lowest cost? Because it is not saddled with management fees.There's a whole world of exotic investments available to you out there. Stop trying to meddle with my TSP!
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  • Here's a Thought
    Why not have the TSP partner with a major fund family or brokerage such as Vanguard, Fidelity, T. Rowe Price, Schwab, etc. The TSP participant could designate part (no more than about 30%) of contributions flow to the outside account. The participant would pay any administrative costs involved so that the other TSP participants do not bear any additional costs or fees. The participant could invest or speculate in whatever they wanted at the outside brokerage. However, the majority of their funds would be in the TSP and thus assure that the participant would not gamble away their entire account and have nothing when it comes time to retire. Will these participants become millionaires? Of course not but it shut them up and give them the market action they crave.
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  • You can already do this ...
    Isn't this the same as choosing your own outside source for your IRA? Why should we incur additional costs in the TSP to allow people to invest outside of it? I was hired in 1981, and started my TSP around 1990. I am CSRS, so I get no govenment contribution. Even without that, my accout today is worth twice what I have paid for it. So I have absolutly no complaints. I have diversived amoung the five funds, but even if I had stayed only in the G fund every dollar I have invested would be worth at least $1.75. Can't complain when you are making money! If you want more risk/return, invest on your own!
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  • Managing your Money
    If you want a Financial Professional to help you manage your money, you can do so. My husband and I have another IRA (he changed jobs and rolled out his 401(k)), with a private firm. Our broker when she looks at where our money should be invested not only looks at that IRA, she looks at my TSP and my husbands current 401(k) and the investment options and advises from there. She looks at the entire picture like she should. If you have a broker, have them look at your entire picture. As the TSP is a little more limited than other funds, she deversifies our funds with more risk in her funds, with my TSP and my husband's 401(k) in safer funds. A good broker should ask what other investment options you have and where your money is to make an informed decision. So quit whining and talk to your broker!!!
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