12:50 pm, May 30, 2015

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  • Thank you for your dedication
    I guess this is the politicians way of saying thank you for your dedication to your job. We froze your pay for 2 years and will freeze it for another 3 years. I believe that, contrary to the writer's opinion, the change from high 3 to high 5 is a very serious proposal. And, to make things even more unattractive, we will make the FERS people contribute 5.8% of their pay to their defined benefit plan. Most of the CSRS people will be retired or retiring soon, so they will not be as materially affected. And let us not forget the retirees. The cost of livings will further not reflect their true cost of livings by reducing the yearly increase in pensions. Thank you feds for your work. Now we will stick it to you.-----------Eventually, the economy will recover. I wonder how the government will attract new workers.
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  • Don't forget taking of step increases is on the list
    All of the current ideas are bad. The only legitimate item i've heard concerns grade inflation in DC, which I think is solved by moving the jobs outside of DC area (win-win for everybody). You can't deny that DC has thrived at the expense of the rest of the nation, and this just isn't right or fair. Sending the jobs to WV doesn't count as an answer. Try sending them to the middle of the country, and cancelling ethanol subsidies at the same time. We need to get back to do the right things not just doing things because someone has the power or ability.
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  • Changes to Feds
    I have no opjection at this time to getting rid of the deferred pension program for new hires, as the government isn't hiring anyone anyway. But, good luck to them hiring with the wages now and loosing the retirement benefits. Someone hard up might hire on, but won't stay. By the time I get to my projected retirement date in 12 years, the government will be begging me to stay, or at least turn out the lights before I leave.
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  • New Hires
    If there are limited retirement benefits, the Gov will eventurally have to pay more to new hires. If the government wants to compete with the open market, they will have to pay like the open market.
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