6:06 pm, May 24, 2015

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  • Guess I will lead off the comments
    For those who are CSRS, it might pay, if you are eligible, to consider retiring and getting a new job outside of the federal government. for financial purposes only, that would depend on how many years one has in serviceand the difference between the pay and the pension after subtracting from pay those items that the pension is not taxed on. For example, localities may tax salary income, but not pension income. One might also want to look at the proposed increase in contributions to the pension plan. The greater the number of years in service, the less the difference between the pension and the salary.--------Of course one my wish to stay due to non financial reasons such as liking the job. That is an individual decision.-----------I am not commenting about FERS because they are much less affected by the proposed changes to the pension computation and because their defined benefit plan is much less than their salaries.
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