5:08 pm, May 30, 2015

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  • Maybe its time to get rid of the postal service
    Aaron Kuperman
    The original postal operations, as required in the constitution, did not include package delivery, and didn't include home delivery. It only delivered letters and newspapers to the post office. Adjusted for inflation, the postal rates in the late 18th century were compatible to what FedEx and UPS charge, or what USPS charges for Priority/Express services. Most home delivery consists of junk mail, advertising, and occasional commercial stuff (such as Netflix) that there is no public policy reason to subsidize. It would probably be reasonable to require people to register their email addresses so they can receive officials, and perhaps to allow for homes phones to receive email (even if text only, perhaps saying - you have a registered letter to pick up). Home delivery could be dropped. Most of the rest might be privatized. We really need the post office, like the way the army needs cavalry, or the IRS needs abacuses.
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  • Get the facts straight
    The post office is not subsidized and has earned monies to the tune of overpaying its pension requirements by between $50 to $80 billion dollars, yes that's with a big "B". This through the marketing of its products and services. If Congress would stop micromanaging the service all would be well and nothing would be in the public eye about the post office. Adjusting for inflation the postal rates charged are the best bargain for the services made available. Not everyone is on the internet, about 25% of the country is not. If the service would be privatized, how much would you pay for what currently is $.44 cents with the PO and $7.00 for the other enterprises. Its name is the postal service and the postal corporation.
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