1:37 pm, May 22, 2015

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  • "Because that's where the money is!"
    With the enormous sums sitting in the TSP, I for one would prefer more transparency in how they operate. I realize the fine folks working for the TSP are dealing with a mind boggling amount of money, but are we supposed to simply trust that everyone and everything is on the "up & up" and they always have OUR interests foremost on their minds. Look how well that kind of blind faith thinking worked out for the average Wall Street investor over the last few years. I don't want any surprises when I decide to retire.
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  • Government waste
    Too bad they can't keep track of tax dollars and how they are spent. How many billions are missing with no accountability? Buy a lottery ticket, and among the millions of tickets sold, they can tell you what store and what time the winning ticket was sold. Stop wasting tax dollars and clean up the fraud, waste and mismanagement at all levels of government.
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  • Talking 'bout your generation
    I think the new generation is just fine (except for thinking they can multi-task -- no one really can).... When I was new and got het up about policy, the oldsters would advise me that the pendulum would swing back-- just wait. Now I know it is true...And when I had a supervisor who didn't want me to use a word processor (because it would make me a poorer typist), I think about my current skepticism aboutthis new-fangled social media and gizmos.... Now about that texting during meeetings -- that's rude and it's gotta stop!.... And it isn't enough to use spell-check -- ya still gotta proofread what you send out!
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