5:18 pm, May 22, 2015

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  • Won't Work
    Path Finder
    This will just get more US troops killed and mangled up.Our time is up. Time to withdraw. Not build up.
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  • Agree with 'won't work'
    Kenneth W.
    We don't seem capable of learning lessons from history. We laughed about the Ruski's spending ten years in Afghanistan (and other ancient civilizations doing the same many years earlier), and then going broke trying to keep up with us in defense spending. Now we're making the same mistakes (again). We should've learned from Vietnam, but apparently it didn't sink in. You can't sell democracy or buy other than temporary friendship. The Afhans are still looking for the basic needs, not democracy. They're govt. is corrupt and the whole country is influenced by the Taliban. When Bin Laden was killed the perfect opportunity to claim victory and leave was missed. We're going broke now, have our noses in wars that don't make sense and are throwing taxpayer funds into a money pit, that will bring NO return on investment, and has NO vital national interest. Please don't insult us by saying there is one. We need to get out and take care of our country, and our military. There's plenty of missions for our military here and elsewhere. Get our military out of the places where they're not needed. That includes Europe, etc. We need to be US home-based, able to move quickly to respond, but don't have to colonize other countries and support them, and we need to only respond to bonafide threats. Nation building is BS. Let the UN and US State Dept. do that. Quit wasting taxpayer funds in the form of foreign aid gifts to every country holding their hand out in the world. Take care of our country and our US citizens. We have plenty of problems here to fix and pay for. The priorities we've seen are ridiculous. Take care of America first. Stay out of other countries internal problems. Let the UN play the blue helmet games. Our military is trained to win the war, not be a peacekeeping force. We've sacrificed enough for ungrateful, misguided, poliltical BS and back-door reasons that only fatten purses of big business and politicians, cause our troops to suffer and pay the ultimate price for, and make no sense. It's time to wake up and stop this nonsense.
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  • Couldn't Agree More
    That's right. Obama has committed to getting us out by 2014, so at least that's something. I'll be concerned if Romney is elected. He's expresses more of the jingoist overseas adventurer mentality. He may decide to keep the U.S. involved. "Those who don't learn from history are doomed to repeat it."
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  • Gee, it's mighty nice of them
    Norman's Mother
    to provide additional security for the troops, but what about civilian Feds and contractors? The military views civilians as Targets of Opportunity for verbal abuse, threats and numerous other violations of their Title VII rights. The military has never heard of Title VII. In fact, they think civilians deployed overseas come under the UCMJ! The troops can take care of themselves; they're armed and trained. BTW, what was Bales doing with a sidearm? Only officers are allowed to carry sidearms. Since the military has no intention of protecting civilians in theater (they) should be supplied with weapons by their agencies and civilian DoD contractors.
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  • Deployed civilians can get sidearms, which are almost useless in a firefight.
    The Original Joe S
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