8:04 am, May 27, 2015

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    With all the 'free' stuff at the PO and what they will bring to your house 'free'; e.g., package supplies; plus a myriad of management decisions, is there any wonder they're in the hole? The free stuff isn't free, someone pays - the taxpayer. FedEx, UPS, DHL, etc. requires the customer to pay. Realizing that it's a bit simplistic; but that's their approach to business; a poor, poor busines model.
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  • Solvency
    Why is the government allowed to use other alternatives to the USPS for overnight and shipping. Since the USPS does not receive federal funds mandating their use for all routine and express deliveries would not only save the government money but also increase the revenues of the USPS. Like the other comment this seems simplistic, but there are times when the simple answer is the right answer.
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