10:39 am, May 30, 2015

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  • If he had a clue!!
    What a waste of government $$$ to come up with this bogus web site to promote his basic lies about the post office. Between Issa and D. Ross of Florida these 2 have done more to assist in ending a service that should not even be considered as a business. It is a service.......
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  • What about the ice houses and the stage coaches and the typewriter manufacturers
    Aaron Kuperman
    I bet they wanted the Senate to focus on their problems - but it looks like the Congress didn't care and now they went the way of the scriveners, the candle makers and the whole clipper ship industry. It would be easy to save the Postal Service - simple ban email, prohibit electronic fund transfers and prohibit advertising on the internet. Then people will send paper letters and postcards, merchants will send paper bills, and stores will send more junk mail.
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