8:48 am, May 30, 2015

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  • Private / Public EEO
    Well, the private sector can take their case directly to a court. Whereas a federal employee MUST go thru the EEO process. First stop is their local EEO. Keep in mind, they claim neutral but in all reality, they work and operate under the base commander or the same management which most issues are violated. How many cases do you think actually get processed? What NO ONE looks at is how many cases are filed and how many are dismissed or thrown out based on management discretion. You probably won't find those statistics readily available, or investigated. The process has time-limits, but those time-limits ONLY apply to the complainer. Management can stall and easily extend constantly. When they so-call violate time-limits, absolutely no one is accounted for the stall or mistake. AND lastly, in the end, if ANY case gets through to the EEO court, when the court rules in favor of the employee... no one is held accountable. Basically the employer (management) knows darn well they can get away with it... and with all the stalling and red-tape to make a case, most folks in management have retired or moved-on... making the employee's case and issue mute. One last point... I've seen several non-EEO cases submitted to the OSC and they also either stall and never act on it... or they dismiss it without ANY investigation... claiming the case has no investigation. But that is suppose to be their job. Attempts to followup on cases is just a merry-go-round...
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