5:12 pm, May 30, 2015

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  • Analysis: Despite market drop, stick with TSP asset allocation
    Would this sam advise be given if an employee was planning to retire in the next 3-5 years?
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  • G Fund...Safe?
    Radar Tech
    The G Fund is backed by the full faith and credit (AA+) of the US Government. The problem is, the Fed keeps printing money. Central banks around the globe are buying and hoarding gold. Why? Venezeula is demanding their gold reserve be removed from the Bank of England (and others) and physically repatriated to Venezeula. Why? Muammar Gaddafi was organizing other African and Muslim nations to join with him in adopting a gold Dinar currency...and suddenly, after more than 35 years as dictatorial tyrant of his people, he became the pariah of the West, complete with a "no fly zone" that was actually a bombing campaign against land targets like tanks. So again, why? Helicopter Ben Bernanke has been a busy little bee, transferring $1.2 Trillion of taxpayer money to the Wall St. Aristocracy (while we all watched and were distracted by the "debt crisis" theater) and the printing just keeps on keeping on. So back to "full faith and credit"...other nations (like Russia) are dumping US Treasuries...similar instruments to the "special" G-Fund Treasuries. Why? Isn't it time to let us put our money into something that is actually safe...like GOLD? The G-Fund isn't keeping up with inflation and credit rating was just dropped. Even with back to back margin tightening, gold just keeps coming back. We have passed the point of no return (or financial returns). We federal workers are just poor little lambs that have lost our way, baa baa baa blacksheep.
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