8:28 am, May 30, 2015

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  • New DoD CIO a realist and quick study
    Teri continues to impress. She has quickly recognized some the overlooked challenges to struggling IT Reform efforts that prevented progress since the signing of the Clinger Cohen Act. This is the first step in ushering in real change. Many hope she also is able to establish an agile acquisition process for C2 and Cyber given the stalled efforts focused on business systems. Three years of study and meetings have yet to bare fruit, mostly because its a closed process with mostly policy wonks and FFRDCs. This is the same formula that has hindered past efforts. Too bad Einstein is not still around to remind our well intended Pentagon leaders that you cannot fix today's problems with the same thinking that got you there. Maybe its time for our new DOD CIO to usher in some new think that can bring in some real world lessons learned. The IT-AAC partnership stands at the ready in case the unexpected happens. Otherwise, we will have to wait to see if the next administration can over come the cultural resistance in the Pentagon.
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