12:23 am, May 23, 2015

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  • SES evaluations
    Instead of wringing their hands over evaluating SESers, they should get rid of the whole system. From my experience with SESers over many years, they are nasty to staff, take credit for all the work regular staff do, walk home with huge huge bonuses as a result of taking that credit while the real workers are lucky to get a $350 bonus, love to ruin people's careers if someone doesn't cater to them or work evenings and weekends, and they have a tight in-group so the SES selection is rigged. I'm not sure why OPM continues to think this is such a good system, unless those OPM SES-worshipers are SESers themselves.
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  • Agree
    I fully agree, but it would take an act of a normal Congress to end it. That isn't gonna happen while the republicans and the tea-baggers are on the prowl. And here in this Navy command outside the beltway and dozens upon dozens of SES for every program and directorate they can fill. These people rarily EVER move. They land these positions and keep them until they retire. This new program should REQUIRE all SES to rotate. And the rotation must be OUT of the command or agency, not just 2 doors down the hall with a different label. Lastly, none of these people should ever get a bonus if ANYONE under their command didn't get a bonus. That should be anyone! If there are folks that are non-performers or failures, it should be all management responsibility to fix it! All the way up to the SES. They aren't God like they want to believe they are...
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  • Never understood
    the idea in the first place. Folks from on high coming into a technically organized work force and spewing free assertions and middle school level ideas about how we all should change the way things run around here. In fact, after 36 years at NIH, I cannot imagine what purpose is served by any administrators. As far as I can tell, administrators were completely unnecessary, did not help me get my job done in any way, and only pronounced where I was NOT allowed to work. They did not even provide adequate work space! In my humble opinion, the NIH administrators were a hindrance, not a help, the entire time that I was there. And we should sell off the expensive video equipment, expensive carpets, and expensive furniture. We should pare down the "administrative" staffs, rename them properly as "clerical" staff, and reduce their salaries to below that of the skilled workers. Imagine this: until we change it, science administrators still get paid way more than the actual scientists! Yikes! How wrong can we get?
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