4:52 am, May 29, 2015

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  • EO on diversity
    "The order stated the governmentwide plan must focus on agency accountability and leadership. It should highlight strategies for identifying and removing barriers to building a more diverse staff, from entry-level to senior ranks. In addition, it would require agencies to regularly report their progress in building a more diverse workforce. OPM Deputy Director Christine Griffin said agencies would not be required to meet quotas." The last sentence in the quoted material is inherently contradicted by the thrust of the first three. Senior career managers are adept at reading between the lines of such bureaucratese, and recognize readily that what's being sought are more minority hires and promotions, period, regardless of anything else, and if they want their next SES bonus they had better get aboard and ensure that they make the "right" hiring and promotion decisions. So much for the merit system and it's legal mandate for fair and open competition by all. Three groans for the hypocrisy inherent in the executive order!
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  • EO or Quotas
    It's quotas, no mistake.
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  • Wow...promotion based on race...
    Another dumbing down of America. If they can't qualify, lower the standards.
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