4:23 pm, May 29, 2015

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  • Why 2013 ?
    How about cuts now or in 2012 FY which starts this October? Is it possible this is timed for after the 2012 election? Hmmm, who would not want to have programs cut before the election? Maybe the president and congress? This may look like they are doing something but once the 2012 election is over nothing will get cut.
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  • My guess would be so
    any cuts could be captured in the President's Budget that is submitted to Congress in February. Since the FY12 budget should be approved 1 October, the effort to do massive cost cutting would lead to a lot of budget drills that would not see the light until late in the year anyways. Also, FY13 starts before the 2012 elections (fiscal year starts 1 October) so if anything, it is a look at what I did on saving you money, keep me in office.
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