10:53 am, May 30, 2015

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  • DIA "revolving door"
    Norman's Mother
    Shedd, you just don't get it. If you want to retain your civilian analysts eliminate military supervisors/division/office chiefs. Why don't you investigate as to how these military types ignore civilian personnel policies and disregard the rights of civilian employees? Just five years ago you had an 0-6 try to fire a female civilian analyst who was two years shy of retirement. Guess what? The Powers That Be told Mr. Egomaniac 0-6 that he did not properly document so he had to suck it up. She stayed and eventually retired. DIA is not a female-friendly agency; in fact, most of the female analysts would be better off working for Wal-Mart. Finally, the fact that you're a male speaks volumes. I've never heard of you, so you must be a recent hire. GG-7 to SES overnight? How old are you anyway?
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  • Not DIA, but....
    Big Joe
    Not DIA, but based on my experience at the Pentagon Norman's mom is spot on.....
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