9:23 am, May 22, 2015

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  • Bring Metro to White Oak
    I sure wish that Metro had extended the Red Line to White Oak when FDA built out its campus there. Right now we have a shuttle that goes to Silver Spring, but a direct line would make Metro a more attractive option. Even though I drive to work from an outer county, it would help when I have to go downtown for meetings to be able to just hop on the Red Line.
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  • Who was asked?
    Lisa Lisa
    Just like OPM and other agencies that do these govt-wide surveys and opinions: Who did they exactly ask? In all of my years, I have never been asked to participate in any government survey-EVER. I live in Southern MD and all we have are buses as a commuting option-which isnt much of an option unless your kids are grown. I am not complaining, it was our choice but these surveys really chap me. I see that GSA will start charging parking. Funny, I have paid parking ($160 a month when I was at DoD and slightly less at my current agency) as a fed employee forever-never had free parking. Guess I was at the wrong agency all of these years. But whatever, my only gripe is the position that agencies take on the matter. GSA will start penalizing people that drive, but not everyone has decent commuting options or has any at all. People usually drive because what little in the way of commuting options they have, just isnt competitive enough when compared to how quickly I can get to work by car. Again, I mention southern MD because we dont have trains-just buses. My area has been the most fastest growing areas over the last 7 yrs and we still only have buses. I entertained the bus option and did the calculations to see the benefits of it, but honestly, a 1.75 hr commute one way is not doable especially when you have kids in daycares and elementary schools-you have to get your kids and cant risk a bus breaking down when a normal one-way commute is almost 2 hrs as is. And then there are the occassional "come get your child he's sick" call. If we had trains, I would do it because teh trains run every so many minutes. On a commuter bus, the windows to return are far more difficult. When I went to Europe, the trains run all over-everywhere. You dont really need a car unless way out in the country (and in that case, its all about the wine baby!). We just dont have that yet. Southern MD needs commuter rails-its like we are constantly being left out of the equation. Ok maybe I am whining a little, but it was still my choice and I commute in every day and I am ok with it. Again, it was a matter of topic that I put my 2 cents in. When they give me a train to ride, I will gladly do so, but until then, I drive. I can be at work in 45 minutes vs 1.75 hrs. Carbon footprint be darned.
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