9:15 am, May 30, 2015

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  • Air Force announces buyouts
    This is not what the Air Force Materiel Command (AFMC) at Wright Patterson AFB (WPAFB) Ohio announced just a little while ago. They said there would be no buyouts offered in 2011 because the HQ Air Force has not given them any force structure guidance. There were over 1500 people in the AFMC survey who said they would take a buyout, if offered. This is about 23% of the workforce at WPAFB, not including the Air Force Research Laboratory (AFRL). The AFRL said they will not participate in such a buyout because they have workforce shaping authority, but that is something they hardly use and, when they do, the numbers are very small. The AFRL view seems to be that they can keep taking money that could be spent on technology programs and use it to grow the payrolls for more scientists and engineers. This is amazing poor leadership.
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  • AF Buyouts and freezeon hiring
    I understand why you have to do these things, but I work FOR the Air Force and I have yet to be told this through AF communication. Is there some reason why they gave this information to WTOP and not to their employees in the Air Force? This was effective on 9 August and as of 12 August, no word had come down to the employees. What is going on? Do you care anything about AF Employees?
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  • AFPC Announcement
    This announcement came out on the AFPC website on Friday. I work for the Air Force in Human Resources, but we have not been given any official guidance. Actually, a customer emailed the link to me Friday afternoon. I printed the article and gave it to my supervisor. She was just as surprised as everyone else. They do not have a way with communicating anything these days other than posting it to a website and having us stumble across it.
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  • Nothing to see here ... move along ...
    This is not a new approach regarding AFPC announcements. As we attempted to prepare for the furlough it was the same drill, information finally flowed to the base HR office on the Wednesday before the Monday deadline leaving little time to prepare. The hiring controls were announced to us (base level HR) via a AF PA announcement, we received the AFPC announcement the following day and now with the hiring freeze it's a document drop on a Friday afternoon to minimize questions. Glad to see AFPC leaning forward and tackling the tough issues head on while keeping the field abreast!
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  • 'el of a way to run an airline
    Is it any wonder why the American people (the non feds) think we couldn't find our own nether regions even if we used both hands? Explaining that it's the nature of the beast doesn't relieve the frustration people feel because it is the nature of the beast. Good luck to all of us....we'll need every bit of it.
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