6:27 am, May 28, 2015

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  • Open Government initiatives should first implement older ideas not implemented
    Being part of a dozen past initiatives since 1996 when the CCA was drafted and implemented to transform federal IT (thanks to Cohen, Brubaker, Clinger, etc), I believe their are some previous initiatives that could produce significant results with minimal effort. Why, because the hard work of defining the problem, gaining consensus, developing concepts of operation and piloting would have already occurred over a space of 3 years or so. With only a few years left in this administration, this would avoid repeating past failures of creating something new that never gets full traction.
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  • RE: White House asks for open gov ideas-Reply
    I know that the White House is serious and I, along with millions of other Americans, feel that the following needs to be implemented to make the Federal Government More Transparent: The Slashing of the federal Deficit: (1) Allow the people of America to have a say so in how or if Congress and the Senate are entitled to receiving a pay raise. (2) Also, if a raise is given to the House and Senate Members, it needs to be on a performance basis and their salaries need to be scaled back to the 1951 or 1952 period (3) Have members of the House and Senate pay for their own healthcare, travel, and interns/aides/pages (4) Tax those Americans in this country who make $300,000 or more by at least 24-39% Also, have the authorization power that Congress has over the FAA and other federal agencies removed and approved by the WHITE HOUSE, not Congress Moreover, there needs to be a system created where federal agencies are able to retain the scientists and staff as well as technical people who are all making sacrifices and working harder than ever before. There needs to be more funding made available for the elderly and by which I mean the elderly should also receive their medical treatment for free and have free physician consultations and prescriptions filled. EDUCATION: There should be a special White Committee created to tackle the issues of Education and how to make sure those who want to attend college are able to do and those who wish to pursue graduate degrees or attend medical and/or dental school are able to do so with the high interest rates of student loans and personal loans. The name of this committee should be the Educational Committee and should have the tasks of making sure that all who wish to go beyond a regular high-school and pursue college and graduate degrees have the chance to do so.
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  • What's the point?
    Is there any evidence that the White House actually makes use of these ideas? This sounds to me like pre-election posturing, not something serious.
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