9:39 pm, May 22, 2015

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  • Is a Fed Job Still Golden?
    No. After almost 30 years of working for "the man" I've decided that when I retire I am going to make it my life's mission to go to every recruitment fair that the government goes to. I will set up my booth, preferably right next to the government recruiters booth, and give every potential new gov't employee the REAL story about federal employment. I still love my country and am proud of everything I've (been allowed to) accomplish, but government service is no longer the best thing to do with your life. It's more like being sentenced to prison. My advice to all newbies thinking about joining up....Run! Run like the wind.
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  • Is a Federal job still golden?
    Reinaldo Luis A.
    In 2006, after 34 years of military and Federal civil service, I retired and started to work for private industry. I worked for a major contractor for six months and, afterwards, for a relatively small firm supporting the National Guard Bureau for another four years. My conclusion is that even with the alleged uncertainties of Federal employment and the capriciousness of an inept, ineffective and incompetent Administration and Congress Federal employment is still preferable. In fact, I have decided to again seek employment with the government until I reach the age of Social Security eligibility. In the Federal government there are laws, regulations, rules and procedures that govern your employment, your manager and work environment. If you are familiar with them they provide a comfort level that cannot be matched by private industry.
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  • Is a Fed Job Still Golden?
    Just me
    I don't know. Would you describe a job in which your leadership (Congress) takes every opportunity to attack you (for their own ineptitude and incompetence) golden? Would you describe a job in which your employer can (and does) curtail your right to free speech and to request redress from the government as golden? Would a golden job include the right of your employer to raid your retirement fund when he's a little light on cash? How about demanding that you work when he can't afford to pay you...still golden? Maybe the golden part of this job comes from the fact that your employer can establish one national pay rate, based on an arbitrary factor like (oh I don't know) a grade level rather than negotiating in good faith? Oh, wait...MAYBE the golden part of being a fed comes from the ability of your employer to restrict after hours activities (including second jobs) and to punish you if you don't follow their rules (even though you're not on the clock). There are just SO MANY obvious benefits here, I can't see how ANYONE could decide that being a fed ISN'T a golden opportunity...
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  • Benefits
    Tea Partier
    I like those suggestions. My favorite benefit is finding out that only Democrats have a First Amendment right to free speech in our office. If you're not a koolaid drinking Obama lover, don't even think about voicing your opinion. You'll be threatened with an EEO grievance. Of course, it's OK for Federal employees to demonize Republicans. The First Amendment is a one way street. Same thing here on this blog.
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  • To tea partier
    Your post is really pathetic. The problem is that you really believe in what you write. You must be the one drinking the spiked kool aid.----------Please show us the source for your nonsense comment that one can only criticize Republicans, but not Democrats. Before you do that please go back and read comments by Rob (I am not criticizing you Rob), yourself, contrarian, beaner, and others who are very critical of Democrats. Then go back to the Republican years. I and others criticized George Bush and company like crazy in Fed Smith. There is very little censorship here. So, cut the nonsense and write more legitimate stuff.
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  • to Tea Partier
    You must be new to the government, i.e., since Obama was elected. Do you really believe Republican employess don't trash Democrats when a Repbulican is in the White House? Quit talking politics at work and bear in mind that your colleagues most likely have it correct.
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