12:52 pm, May 30, 2015

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  • Buyouts at Education
    As in other areas, those with the longest time in service and the most knowledgeable are the least respected when it comes time to get rid of people. I never did understand how an organization could become better if all it did was have newbies with nobody to mentor them. However, that model is good for egotistical and bullying managers because the new kids generally cower much better. Read the buyout rules carefully. You won't be able to work for any federal agency for 5 years so you are severely limited in getting another job. That includes TSA which is always looking for people. The private job market is really bad and in several years working for grantees and contractors won't be an option because the money will have dried up. CSRS retirees haven't had a COLA in 2 years and probably won't get one in 2012. FERS retirees are already hurting. Unless you have a real need to retire and can easily absorb rapidly increasing costs on a fixed income, keep your job until the economy improves. This is not a good time to annuitize your TSP because interest rates are way too low. If management thinks you're not valuable because you've been there too long, that's their problem, not yours. If they have to RIF, you have seniority. Be proud of what you do in spite of the attitude shown from the human capital office.
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