8:25 pm, May 28, 2015

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  • Cola in 2012?
    Just me
    No. Next question?
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  • On Vacation
    Looks like nobody fell for yesterday's trap, which is funnier now that Mike is on vacation again. I always thought he worked a few columns ahead, but I guess not. Good luck to all those who will have more pressure than ever put upon them, in the name of doing more with less. But the challenge will be tougher because secretaries don't exist like they used to, as the first ones typically sacrificed to save the GS-15s. BTW, ever wonder who's buying all that stock that's being panic sold?
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  • 2012 COLA
    I wasn't particularly wondering who is buying all the stock being sold off at a feverish pace. I thought it was Eric Cantor and his ilk who have the wealth to buy because they're also making a ton in this market. Now I know, though. It's Contrarian buying it!
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