12:31 am, May 27, 2015

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  • Dividends Not Included
    deployed decoy
    The Dow 30 over a 5 year period, dividends not included is down about 5%. For those of you buy and hold because some fool told you to, likely because he wanted out without a panic, that is one great investment. I got all my TSP out of everything but the G fund in 2007 just below the 14000 peak. Stayed out through 2008 until 10000 and 8500 when I reinvested 30% each time. I made 20% in 2008 and early 2009. Would have been much more but I didnt bet the farm at 6500. Since, my 20% 2008 gain, I have been in the G fund until today when I put 15% each in small caps and Dow 30. We will see if COB tomorrow is the 10000 I planned to buy back in with 30% or the market takes a dead cat bounce today on the way back to 7000. Then factor in the fools in congress MIGHT save $4.2T over 10 years, but are spending that must they dont have over the next 15 months. I will get back out on the first 5 day dead cat bounce and stay out to Dow at 2,500.
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  • Arrogance
    So he is saying that all of those people (including this commenter) who moved their money into the G fund last week made a mistake? Doesn't feel like a mistake to me. And yes, i know these "experts" like to spout that over time the market can't be timed. Seems to me that this is just a way of saying that people are too dumb too analyze trends in the market to make some informed changes occasionally. I'd tend to agree that day to day changes aren't predictable, but sometimes an increase in risk (from stocks) can be easily seen - and this last week is a prime example.
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