1:10 am, May 30, 2015

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  • What is the purpose
    of this "survey"? You had 421 "respondents" allegedly spanning the Federal workforce and you call that a representative sample? Why are you even bothering with this? Why are you trying to stir up crap? It's bad enough that we have a global financial crisis, an inept Congress and Administration, "Fed bashing", and so on and son...I can't believe that you're trying to make a "series" out of some inane garbage like you're doing...I find myself lately going to other "news" sources for Federal news and not so much you guys anymore...you're late, off the mark, and irrelevant...heck, even the Washington "Compost" had far better daily coverage of the recent debt limit "drama" than all of WTOP put together! You guys used to ROCK! What happened?
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