1:54 am, May 26, 2015

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  • so what exactly is the priority? veterans? students? competitive process?
    So on one hand the President talks about more jobs for veterans, then you have these sort of programs that try to put college students first. Then you have others calling for more of the competitive process. The whole things seems contradictory--who exactly is the priority? Veterans, or young college graduates who may have never as so much gotten their boots dirty?
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  • Right and Left Side of Brain Clearly Disconnected
    Lisa Lisa
    Is it just me or havent we been hearing for the last few years of cutbacks of 10-15%? I swear I have seen it on EVERY news media outlet. In fact, I KNOW I have heard it from Congress, heard it from the FY11 budget debacle as well as the debt-ceiling failures. So why does OPM announce they have a "fast track" to govt jobs when the govt is trying to shed people not hire? I am perplexed and perhaps even a little amused at what appears to be almost an oxymoron...with a highlight on the MORON part. What idiot would apply to the govt now? Its no more safe than the rest of companies out there..with one exception, at least in companies, they are sympathetic as opposed to leaders of our nation calling govt workers overpaid lazy pond scum. Come on OPM, you might want to lay low for about the next 10 years in announcing to ANYONE that there are opportunities for jobs in what is now...THE WORST PLACE TO WORK
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  • That's exactly what Congress and Obama wants...
    Morons in government. Because no successful graduate will ever want to work for the very same government that breaks promises, freezes its employees pay, and treats it employees like crap by eroding their benefits. A civil-service comprised of morons...great, just great.
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  • Amazing!
    Time Bandit
    Just because someone has a college degree, doesn't make them a good candidate for a job. I've met my share of graduates and tried to figure out how they even managed to graduate, let alone be accepted in a college. I label this OPM process as discrimination, to get a gov't job should not require a degree but open to those with a diploma who have work experience. I don't have a degree, I worked 10 years as a contractor for the Navy. Prior to that, I had 28 years of work experience. Last five years with the Navy was in DC, I've had graduates, who worked with me, that couldn't speak proper english. They couldn't spell correctly either, they were more interested in after work happy hours than doing their job. They spent more time socializing within the office, they have no intiative or time management skills to speak of. One girl that worked with me complained the first day she started, she expected a salary of $70-80k a year. She claimed her college told her she would be making that much, sorry that she missed the money train...reality check! If our gov't hires anyone, it should be the vets. They put their life on the line for this country, the most our gov't can do is make sure they have a job when they get back.
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  • Government Jobs and Students
    Anonymous 2011
    Isn't it the law that the government will not discriminate based on age, sex, or gender? Government jobs were suppose to be open to all and applications that were selected were suppose to be the best qualified. So why do students get preferential treatment based on their age?
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