12:07 am, May 26, 2015

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  • Waste!
    This article claims the Army is far behind the Navy with a cloud email system... Look, I work for a Navy command HQ and I can be one of THOUSANDS that will tell you our email system, computer support is the pits! NMCI (contracted out to HP) is a bloated dictated system that hinders productivity. Many of us spend more time debugging and finding work-arounds because someone in the NMCI program office decides what is installed and how things are installed in both our computers and our email programs. A majority of Navy employee CAN NOT even touch our email from outside the office. Any issue someone has with thier computer, they can look to waste sometimes HOURS on the phone with tier 1 and 2 script kiddies. They push software constantly that corrupts and destroys our computers and data... they've now installed a worthless encryption program (guardian edge) that creates more harm than good. If they push bad updates and it corrupts your computer... all is lost cause the encryption won't allow access... the tech snatch up the computer and restore it, losing ALL your data. They give us NO support or tools to make back ups... many of us work daily with large GB groups of files... but they could care less... I've worked for both Army and DFAS prior and I can tell you that when the Navy converted to NMCI, they lost alot of productivity and created a bloated worthless system... I've worked in computer programming and technical since the 80's and I can say whoever decided and makes decisions on NMCI is not a IT person (or a failure one).
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