4:06 pm, May 28, 2015

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  • SES metrics
    The entire SES system should be disbanded. I never once saw a good SESer in the agency where I worked. It's a small, incestuous group where I worked. Existing SESers were close personal friends of others working towards SES, so the climbers got details and other assignments to add to their SES resume, and eventually got an SES. My experience over the years was with a group of very nasty, mean spirited women. How are the new metrics going to measure the under-the-radar derailing of careers because an SESer doesn't like you or you aren't part of "the inner circle?"
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  • Totally agree!
    As a fed employee since the 70's and moving thru several different agencies I totally agree with marien... the whole SES rank is crowded with bloated vile and god-like members. They are practically accountable to no one. The mean bad ones lead by example and infest bad and mean managers and supervisors. They play the games of finding ways to hinder or by-pass all the prohibited personnel practices and most are worthless, but always move up. Unless they commit a serious criminal offense, they remain wealthy and superior. The last few I've seen turn-over in our Navy command HQ retire and dangle around for a year, then become big-shots on defense contractor corporations... Same with admirals and captains in the Navy. The whole system is setup to be corrupt! I didn't look into this new SES system, but unless there is real accountability, and one with teeth (punish failures, not promote and give bonuses), move on. Nothing here to see!
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  • Also agree
    1st generation American
    I also agree with Marien and Spanky. As a very senior 15 I have been offered many times to join the SES club. I turned them all down for the very reasons listed above. At my agency they are like an aristocracy. They travel 1st class all the time and stay in hotels well above per diem because the agency director signs blindly on their bogus requests. They also bring on their cronies on BS contracts or grants that require no deliverables getting paid hundreds of thousands of $$$$. The SES group is no better that the bunch we have up on the hill. They just look out for themselves. These changes are just theater. Sad days for the American Federal worker.
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  • This sounds like the perfect reason for performance evaluations
    This sounds like the perfect reason for performance evaluations! What a great way to route out poor performers and underachievers that the three previous posters reference. Identify who is not doing a good job and then get then out.
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