5:44 pm, May 24, 2015

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  • Unfortunately
    "Adcock acknowledged the climate for federal employees is still uncertain at this point. But he said feds should remind policymakers that, "If you ask for these cuts, you're going to have a second-rate government." Unfortunately most of the newly elected TeaPublicans refuse to listen to anyone and they refuse to learn and understand how the government operate. They have this mentality that they were elected to come into DC and cut cut cut cut... but if it effects their corporate buddies, their district projects or their rich donors (including overseas), they show the palm of their hand and say talk to it! I am so glad my retirement will be here in 2 more years! I am out of here regardless of financial status!
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  • There Are No Cuts
    All proposed defense cuts are based on reduced funding of the different fronts of the WOT. Spending is increasing by 8% across the board for next year and the foreseeable future - there are no cuts. Apparently, it hasn't been learned by large segments of the population, including Blue Dog dems, weak-kneed RINOs (redundant, I know), etc. But, then if they (congress) started supporting real cuts, not just cuts in the rate of increase; they would be left off the gravy train.
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