8:10 pm, May 22, 2015

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  • working for free
    deployed decoy
    Besides the folks IDd here working for free and crossing the country on their own $1 (use to be a dime but inflation you know). And the actual ATC staff. I just want to know if high elevation sites that watch the high elevation flight paths are being manned and if so they are getting paid. Several of these high power radar sites sit across the country. One I remember in NE Idaho gets snowed in and the crews spend well over 7 days at a time up there at 12000 feet. My suggestion is these facilities are closed. Pilots can fly by visual, and if it works, the collision warning should give them a minute or so to try and out guess if the other crew will turn right or left. With just a little luck, the entire House will be on the aircraft that hits the one filled with lobbyists when they all cut out business not finished this week. You get what you pay for Congress.
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