12:24 am, May 28, 2015

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  • G-Fund Interest for TSP Transfers from G-Fund to Stock funds
    Radar Tech
    The Treasury stopped awarding interest to the G-Fund, but participants are supposed to be made whole for the interest that they would have earned, once a budget is passed. So, what happens if someone transfers G-Fund money that is owed interest into one of the stock funds before the budget it resolved? Do they still get the interest that should have accrued up to the point of the transfer?
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  • G fund
    How about hearing from the CSRS retirement fund which has been used these past few months to bail out the country. Where' the guarantee that those funds will be returned, with interest, to the retirement fund? I don't trust this Congress not to change the law so that the fund isn't fully reimbursed. After all, what better way to hit CSRS retirees in the gut and the general public wouldn't know or wouldn't care.
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