1:09 pm, May 23, 2015

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  • Well Duh, USA Today
    Radar Tech
    What idiots! Huge numbers of federal workers are working in very sensitive areas and they go through an FBI background check. They also have to have their finances in order and are subject to random drug and alcohol testing. The low rate of employees being fired might just have something to do with the extensive screening process involved in hiring them! It might also be a factor that the average federal employee is better educated than the average private sector employee - a fact conveniently forgotten when USA Today compared wages in the federal workforce to private sector wages for the same work. Honestly, would USA Today be happier if there were a rotten federal workforce that had to have employees fired more often? Would they like to have a bunch of disgruntled fired former federal workers with loads of sensitive and classified information dumped into a stagnant economy? What the heck are they thinking? They need to engage their Mark I computers (their brains) before they start stirring public hatred against the federal workforce. The stuff they have been writing is worse than fish wrap, it is inciting ill will toward one of the most dedicated and patriotic workforces in the United States. Every single person in my work group, including the manager and secretary, are former military personnel. They are disciplined, mission oriented, experienced, educated and dedicated to serving the public good...and USA Today doesn't think enough of us are getting fired often enough. Idiots!
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  • Maybe true
    They are right. Not many people drop dead on the job without any probable cause. It is usually a heart attack, stroke, cancer, suicide, etc. If they are counting these reasons for dying among currently employed government employees, I am sure the number of employees dying rather than being fired will go up.
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  • USA Today Tabloid
    Well, if they are going to write about this, I think they should also add how many federal employees die in their homes and don't show up for work for 2 weeks and their supervisor puts them as there every week when they certify the time and then wants to put the employee on LWOP when it is found out that the employee is dead. It took someone from Washington to attend to this mess. The supervisor only gets demoted out of a managerial position even though she committed fraud on government documents. I know this to be true because the employee was my brother and this happened at the IRS, Atlanta. The USA Today Tabloid needs to stop "reporting" on federal employees. They do not know from where they speak and don't even have the capability of finding out the truth.
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