8:03 am, May 22, 2015

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  • Good
    Fred Evil
    Optimize those 3,700 away, then stop delivering on Tuesdays and Thursdays, I need a break from the crapmail advertising I have to transport to my trash can from the mailbox...
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  • Village Post Offices
    Wow...can't mail to mail a letter with "Mr. Drucker"!
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  • Hooterville
    Tea Partier
    Absolutely. Sam Drucker could become your local postmaster/general store owner. The sad part is, it may very well end up being Walmart who gets the contract, rather than small businesses.
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  • Sam Drucker
    Tea Partier
    Frank Cady is still very much alive. Maybe the Post Office could hire him to advertise this idea, if it does end up being general stores in small towns. How about Cracker Barrel as an option?
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  • Sam Drucker tea partir
    American Nana
    It'v over 30 miles to the nearest Crack Barrel, so how about getting out into the real rural areas and seeing what's available. Many small towns have only a fire station, post office and grain elevators, no wal-marts, pharmacies, etc. Come on out we love company and buy a book of stamps while your here.
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  • Village Post Office, another government bad idea.
    These local businesses will just charge a surcharge on top of the post office's already high rates. I know people are going to hate this, but it is time for the government to "bite the bullet" and help offset the Post Office's costs. Traditional mail may be going down, but "official" mail and packages still have to be delivered. Since "junk" mail is hated so much and since it is primarily advertisements, that is where the Post Office needs to concentrate on increasing revenues.
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  • Post office closings
    American Nana
    Once again Washington has got it all wrong. The OIG has identified large, underused facilities (BMC"s ) that they knew should have been closed 10 years ago. we used to have Headquarters, 13 regions, and Postmasters who ran the offices, now we have Headquarters, 17 Areas, 70+ Districts, (each District has 5-6 MPOO:S over Postmaster) then you get to the local Postmaster. Just maybe if we let Postmasters manage their own offices and reported directly to Headquarters and eleminated all these unnecessary layers the 3600 post offices that service the American public could remain. Don't forget that the smallest 10,000 post offices account for only .07% (yes, that figure is correct; less than l% of the postal budget). These are, also the least paid folks on the food chain. All District level employees make in excess of $60,000.00 and many are very underutilized, but Mr. Donahoe and henchmen have only closed l (one) District and not downsized any MPOO's or Area staffs. The OIG and even the Chairman of the Postal Rate commission are aware of this and other area's of saving that should have been considered instead of wholsale, and possibly illegally closed post offices. Mr. D was very cleaver with the "Village Post Office" verbage, but no one in rural America is fooled. We need every voter in America to talk to the Senators on the Homeland Security and Government Affairs committee and express their outrage and demand that this madness stop. Mr. Donahoe and Mr. Issa are big city boys and don't give a good gosh darn about the rural Americans.
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  • US Post Office Closings
    Kath Wal
    It is wrong to assume that Physical Post Office Locations, and the USPS.com sites are not needed. They are VERY MUCH NEEDED. Perhaps some of the accessories in grocery stores and such may not be, except it is very helpful to be able to purchase stamps there if necessary. Many times, people can only get to certain locations due to lack of reliable and regular transportation, including lack of public transportation. In many of these instances, to be able to log online - IF one has a computer to do so, one can order what is needed, for some things. However physical locations are always needed, everywhere. Only the Post Office can ship and deliver most things, and letters that people physically write, and this is not outdated at all, computers or not. The computer is not a god, though it is treated as such. Yes we have DHL, and FedEx and such, and they are needed, too, but the Post Office is desperately needed everywhere there are people, especially in the remotest areas. Where there are many close together in the same general vicinity, perhaps various ones could be closed, but not all, especially since many places do not have public transportation, even in cities. Thank you so much!
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