12:13 pm, May 25, 2015

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  • Agency plans for the future - or lack thereof
    The comments presented are at the level of the usual vagueness of agency PR shops' flackery, meant to be soporifically reassuring while saying nothing of any substance. Only the ODNI and USAID had it right in offering no comment at all, because no agency at this point can realistically have - let alone present, even if they wished to do so - any concrete plans for FY 2012 and beyond, given the current extreme funding uncertainties, and resultant cluelessness, facing all parties.
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  • cutbacks
    Of course agencies CAN start creating plans. CUT BACK. All agencies need to streamline, just as business is doing. Freeze hiring -or- one new for every two or three that leave. Cuts are on the way. Of that there is no doubt. Have a plan.
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