8:32 am, May 23, 2015

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  • Parking - Transit Benefits?
    Have these employees been getting free parking AND transit benefits? If the answer is no, then it's a wash because the employees can get transit benefits to offset what it will cost them for parking, providing GSA provides transit benefits for their employees. I paid for parking when working for a super agency to the tune of $125 a month at a midtown office building. It would have been $225 had it not been for my transit benefits.
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  • Are you a moron?
    Federal Agencies are anal about making sure they get all sorts of validation that you deserve ANY benefit. Transit subsidies are to discourage commuting. This is just another one of Obama's shallow attempts to show he is watching our money .. while the REAL money gets poured into billions such as non-monitored entitlement benefits programs to Puerto Rico, transferred into cash instead of benefits. This is just pathetic.
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  • and by the way it is not a wash
    the subsity is being cut in half... and $225 doesn't even pay for a half a month around here. And transit here is not like NY .. it's passible but not everywhere. Only teleworking can help with this.
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  • Pay for Parking
    First, I am not affected by this as the building I work at is owned by private industry even though I work for the Feds.--------Let us see. They freeze our pay. They want to reduce our pensions with the chain link cost of living and the high 5 computation. They want to reduce our pay by making employees contribute more to their pension plans.They want to get rid of employees and increase our workload, which is not manageable if done properly. And now they want to charge for parking. And they expect to hire the best and the brightest?--------This is the fault of both parties and not Obama contrary to what dunjunbane says.
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  • gov't vs private industry
    Sounds like the government is threatening to treat their employees like - gasp - a private industry employee where you don't get free parking, no cost of living increase, no raise, reduced work schedule (with corresponding reduction in pay/benefits), increased workload and responsibility... and just be thankful that you have a job.
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  • If I have to pay to park:
    Fred Evil
    I won't work there. If I have to pay to park: I won't shop there. If I have to pay to park: I won't live there. The ONLY place I will pay to park to go, is a Caps, game, and that's MAYBE once or twice a year, and then I grumble.
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  • "I won't shop there"
    That's a good point .. the cite of DC (already broke) just lost a WHOLE lot of income.
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  • Carter made us pay back in the 70's
    So when I made my payment, I asked, "Where is my parking place?" I was told that there was no place reserved for me so. From then on I parked a few blocks away and walked to my workplace. See, it wasn't for the money, it was 100% for political gain. Carter dissed feds so that pigs would vote for him. Most administrations seem willing to throw the fed employees under the bus.
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  • Parking Fees Are Regressive Unless They're Tied to Pay Grade!
    Let's see, you've got the WG-5 paying the same parking fee as the WG-10 Ober-Supervisor in the name of "sustainability." Next b.s. wil be pay-toilets!
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