4:16 pm, May 28, 2015

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  • Message from the Trenches
    Radar Tech
    I'm an FAA Radar & Automation Technician. Between the military and the FAA, I have about senven years and 3/4 of a million dollars worth of training (provided by the government) and just under 20 years of experience. I have countless awards for excellent service and performance. I am drug and alcohol free with no criminal record and I have a current security clearance. I also have 3 children, a mortgage, and a car payment. Exactly how long do you think I will ensure the proper operation of the NAS surveilance and automation systems under my watch and care if you stop paying me? How long do you think that I will wait for the congress to get its act together, do their job, and pass a budget? Unlike the politicians, I am a professional. I will continue to do my job...but my resume is going out on Monday if I stop getting paid. I have an emergency fund that will last about 2 months if we are extremely careful. It really is that simple. It is better for me to work as a truck driver, pay my bills, and support my family than to work to ensure YOUR radar systems are working and not get paid. So, keep going this direction. You lose from me alone about a million dollars worth of investment. One week after the crews leave, the radars are no longer certified. Sure, you can play games with the paperwork and issue temporary certification authority to some managers...but the safety of the NAS is compromised. Enjoy your flights back home from Washington once that happens. Oh, wait...how long do you think Air Traffic Controllers will work without pay? How much will FedEx, UPS, etc. lose per HOUR that the NAS is shutdown? Oh, and your Amtrak service...I hope your engineer likes working for free or you are stuck driving back to California. No mail...no border patrol...no FBI counter terrism...no NSA...no CIA...no Secret Service guards...no Walter Reed Hospital to go to...no limo drivers. Today the FAA...next week, the entire government.
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  • Pennywise and Pound Foolish
    Radar Tech
    So...the fight over government subsidies for airline service to 13 rural communities, which would save about $16 million, is being fought by both sides at a cost of $200 MILLION a week and the possibility of completely shutting down the NAS if Excepted service is ruled to be servitude...a violation of the 13th Amendment? IDIOTS!!! Both sides...complete and utter idiots.
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  • Hitting Where it Hurts
    Policiticans refuse to work out their differences while those of us who do the work every day suffer. I am a career Fed and my husband is a federal contractor. This one hits home and the checkbook. My comment to them is get this resolved now or you will hear us on election day.
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