10:20 pm, May 28, 2015

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  • Younger Generations....
    Time Bandit
    Want a paycheck but not work for it, I used to be a Navy contractor for 10 years. Five years was working in DC, these young workers job hop every chance they get. I had one work for me, first day on the job she complained because she wasn't making $70-80k a year. She had a Beachelor's Degree in Business Admin and wasn't satisfied with her $52k a year job, she felt since she had a degree that she should have been making more. The difference between the older generation and younger...the word ENTITLEMENT!!! The younger generation feel their entitled, they expect things to go their way. They don't want to earn their paycheck, their more interested in after work happy hours than their job. The older generation were raised to appreciate what they have, not look a goft horse in the mouth. Maybe employers will realize this, then again, maybe not.
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  • Plenty free assertions
    about an entire generation. I have personal knowledge that your are quite wrong.
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  • I can paint with a broad brush too!
    ENTITLEMENT? Don't you think that the older generation and our collective sense of entitlement is why we are in the fiscal mess we're in? The older generation has been serving in government and/or voting since the deficits started under Reagan. They expect Medicare Part D without the Gov. raising taxes to pay for this benefit or any other crisis like 2 wars. They'll take more from SS and Medicare than what they put in. And when the politicians cut our benefits, the bulk of those cuts will fall on younger workers who will have to work longer to receive less than the older generation who created this mess. For the first time in American history, they are looking at growing up in a land of less opportunity, less jobs, less of everything. Who's fault is that? I'm old but not so old that I'm blind.
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  • A Lot
    of the current gernration want the same standard of living that they enjoyed with their parents, who had worked 30-40 years to attain. It seems they cannot understand why that isn't a direct rollover to their lives; i.e., they start their lives at that level instyead of the relative entry level, which is much higher than their parents began. The opportunities are out there; it just takes the initiative and 'stick-to-it-iveness' that isn't, in general it seems, the hallmark of the instant gratification generation. Consequently, it is a sense of entitlement that is driving a lot of the current generation. But, there is also a great number of the current generation that does understand that the current economic path is unsustainable and are willing to make the cuts to their way forward. There are not fewer jobs; however, there are jobs that many believe are beneath their dignity to perform. They will not succeed and will be the perennial whinners; while those that don't see certain jobs as an insult to their dignity will succeed because they see them as stepping stones to something better. bluesky's assessment only highlights more of what Gerald Ford said in a 1974 address (it wasn't TJ according to historians) to a joint session of congress, "A government big enough to give you everything you want is a government big enough to take from you everything you have."
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  • to bluesky
    Gotta love your comment. Blame everfone else. You share the blame. Obama does the same thing "The buck stops with Bush", "It was the earthquake in Japan", "It is the Araib spring", "It is Europe's Economy". As long as he blames everyone else and refuses to accept the current co nditions as his, he will keep doing the same thing and pushing the same policies. Things will stay the same or get worse. This is only helping ebsure conseratives will take over in the next election. We have created an entitlement society - young to old. Help me with my house note. Help me with my food purchases. Help me with my health care. Help me, help me, help me. This scoiety won't or can't do it themselves. Sorry there just is not enough money out there.
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