4:14 am, May 28, 2015

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  • THIS AGAIN????
    Once again Congress is not doing their job. I wonder why? I guess they don't want to disappoint 'their' voters by removing money from 'their' district or state when we all know it is NEEDED to help balance the budget. What slackers. Do your job now and not 6 months from now, if then. We, THE PEOPLE, deserve a working gov't and not one on 'autopilot'. If they don't do it know then the last 6 months of the budget year forces EVER greater hardships on people because it's not spread across the whole year, like it should be.
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  • Do we get the money back . . . .
    If they 'cut' something from this years budget in 6 months or do they get to keep it? I know the real answer but it not saving us anything like it should be if Congress actually did their job by passing a budget on time. WE, the people, don't get as much savings as we should get with a passed budget, as required by law.
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  • We used to complain that Congress could not
    get its act together to even pass annual budget. Nor the annual spending the bills the Constitution calls for. Now these traitor and criminals have made the process of allocating and authorizing annual spending bills a complete and utter farce. I wonder when and if the American people are ever going to see these failures to act according to the Constitution for what it is, treason. These treasonous criminal have the audacity to come back to work? to do the countries work? thats truly laughable to call what they do work, come back to town to turn around and leave the country worse off than when the first left for their August break. Just after their Spring break and just after their Feburary break, just after their Holiday break, just after their Holloween break, just after their Beer break, just after their toilet break...government? Ahahahah, what government they are on break.
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  • You are right. The system has collapsed.
    Mike McMike
    Nothing short of political violence will change anything. It's a matter of time.
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