8:29 am, May 27, 2015

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  • Hey Unions...
    PHACK YOU! Where were you when the Pres axed our annual pay raises for two years? Where were you when they screwed the NSPS personnel into tougher pay raise standards? Where are you with the proposed changes to our retirement system and COLA raises? The best you can do is ask for information? YOU ARE NOTHING!!
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  • What would you have them do?
    Call a strike?
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  • Budget
    writing OMB does no good you should be writing and urging your members to call people in Congress like Cantor and the freshmen Republicans Cantor afetr all is supposed to represent Virgina and 800,000 feds out of work does not help Virginia
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  • All should
    know what the real impacts are, and not just the Obamascare tactics.
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  • prioritizing payments
    Should the government default and shoud the government have to prioritize spending, I suggest starting at the bottom of the priority list. There you will find Congressional salaries and benefits including health insurance premiums; contrators - telephone, computer and other communications networks and IT supports, custodian contractors, guards and security screening machines; utilities, including water, electricity, heat; staff salaries and benefits; special parking spaces at the airport; special security guards Congress voted for itself after the Giffords shooting; all social security payments and medicare coverage to members' immediate and extended families; government salaries and perks to all members' family members; and all other supports, perks, and services funded at taxpayer expense for members and their families. They say they "work for the American people." OK, fine. We're cutting back what they get from us so they, too, can "share the pain."
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