3:37 pm, May 24, 2015

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  • Obama using scare tactics!
    Obama and this administration is using scare tactics to get his way. What is going to happen is that we the senior citizens are going to rise up and going to throw Obama and this administration out of the White House in 2012!
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  • This Coming Month's Checks
    will be distributed (not redistributed) because the computer systems cannot be reprogrammed that quickly. I suppose they could just unplug the computers. And, you are corret; they used Obamascare while he was campaigning; they used Obamascare for the porkulus saying that if it wasn't passed, unemployment would exceed 8% (that really worked out); they used Obamascare for passing Obamacare; and now they are using Obamascare, again - we're pushing granny over the cliff and we're running out of time; but, we've already run out of money!!! BHO was not telling the truth when he said he couldn't guarantee social security checks, checks to the active duty being sent, etc. They have nothing to do with raising the debt ceiling or not. Firstly, they are statutory. Secondly, the debt can be serviced with the incoming revenue. And, thirdly, cuts in other non-statutory programs need to be cut because there is a deficit of over ~$130B when the aforementioned checks are sent and the debt is serviced just for this month. It is Obama's responsibility to cut those programs or not service the debt. The ball is clearly in his half of the basketball court. He will be the one to decide if the US defaults or not. He can't wiggle out of this one. He is in the heated kitchen, and there is no escape. This is really the first situation where the petulant, incompetent, TOTUS-quoting blamer-in-chief has been faced with his fallibility being called out. Previously, people have been covering for his ineptitude because 'he cud talk gud' and fool so many people with the mass assistance of Soros, La-la Land ignoramuses, regressives (aka liberal progressives, dems, terrorists (Ayers & Dohrn), unions (SEIU, AFL-CIO, UAW, Teamsters, AFSCME, AFGE, NEA, AFT etc.), RINOs (Snowe, Collins, Brown, etc.) and the legacy media (NBC, CBS, ABC, CNN, HLN, PMSNBC etc.)).
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  • Kind of misleading
    Mum? That indicates knowing something and not sharing the info. No one in America knows what the deal is if the debt ceiling isn't raised.
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  • Tell a woman to keep quiet?
    Bwaaaahhahahahahahahaha! That's special, very special.
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