10:23 pm, May 26, 2015

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  • CFOs say federal financial model no longer useful
    Shoot, folks, why would anyone who looks at a federal program actually want to know how much it cost and how effective it is/was or, for that matter, what it actually accomplishes? Provide risk management information? Why? Only thing Congress wants to know is did you spend all the money and are you going to need even more next funding cycle. And, quite obviously, that's all the public wants to know as well. If not, they wouldn't keep sending the same foxes back to guard the hen house every two years. Seriously, make every government agency (and their major subdivisions) meet all the IRS and SEC regulations on financial disclosure. Make them provide an annual financial statement and make the agency head provide a written evaluation of what happened and what he plans to have happen in the short term that can be read by his stakeholders (shareholders?) -- the taxpayer. Make them explain why they were successful or failed to accomplish the goals they said they were going to make.
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  • Certainly understand your frustration;
    and it is even worse, because all of those metrics that you list are requirements that have been in every RFP with which I have been associated inside (as an Acquisition Manager) and outside (as a program manager) the USG. And, the congressional oversight is just as you listed, which kinda negates all of those reporting requirements. And, the last part; it ain't gonna happen. You just can't have people take their responsibility seriously except to ensure the continued existence of their pet rock.
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