4:41 pm, May 29, 2015

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  • Hiring good managers
    Here we have yet another in what seems like a never-ending stream saying much of a muchness regarding the generally mediocre at best caliber of the senior career civil service (as exemplified in poor program execution), which, however, is generally assessed as perorming at the walking on (liquid) water level of personal performance. It's long past due to cease running such articles on slow news days. Despite the plethora of think tank reports, congressional hearings, and other assorted weeping and gnashing of teeth by the "usual suspects," nothing much ever seems to change - unless it's the additional wear and tear on said teeth. The key question - which is never convincingly answered - is why this paradigm of poor management continues on serenely in its course, and the SES boats are subject to no unseemly rocking. Yes? You were about to say? No, just my imagination.
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