12:42 pm, May 30, 2015

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  • special provisions employees
    A few things seem to have been left out. The article fails to say that special provisions employees also pay in a greater amount than the standard FERS employee. As far as retiring early, do you want a 60 year old trying to save you from harm? This article smells like fingerpointing. We should all stand together.
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  • How did you come up with fingerpointing?
    Not sure if you listened to my interview on "In Depth," but the point of the interview was to point out the differences in a law enforcement retirement to non-law enforcement (and firefighter). There was no ulterior motive as you seem to think! I worked for the FBI and I am married to a retired federal law enforcement officer... I have nothing but the utmost respect and admiration for this line of work. It is hard to overview a benefits package in a 5-minute interview... you might want to check out my retirement planning column on www.govexec.com.
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  • Pension Protection Act
    Many times I hear about the ability to withdraw from TSP at age 55, if you are employed as a federal law enforcement agent, and be exempt from the 10% penalty. Didn't that change to age 50 when the Pention Protection Act was passed?
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