12:25 pm, May 26, 2015

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  • Lynn Steps Down after helping IT-AAC's Mike Wynne kick off DoD IT Reform
    We at the IT Acquisition Advisory Council (IT-AAC) appreciated Honorable Lynn's support of our IT Reform efforts that led to the crafting of NDAA Section 804 and overcome many of the cultural barriers that defeated similar efforts since 1996. Hopefully, his replacement will continue the critical leadership support needed to drive cultural and process changes that are absolutely necessary in these lean times. Having worked closely with Mr. Wynne in his many previous positions as 21st AF SEC and OSD ATL Director, I believe he would welcome the opportunity to serve again and continue the efficiency initiatives needed to meet budgetary constraints. If Honorable Leon Panetta is seeking a true patriot with relevant experience, leadership skills and wide pentagon respect, he will find Mr. Wynne an optimal choice.
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