4:47 am, May 22, 2015

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    higher paid federal employees are kept on the job, who have unsustainable (by the majority of the American taxpayers) pay & benefits packages; and, whose union leadership refuses to have their membership pay more toward their retirement. So, now the private sector is bearing much more of the burden of keeping federal employees on the job. Those in direct support of defense and security efforts should be exempted. Delete 30% of the management, admin & support staffs.
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  • I Disagree
    Radar Tech
    Those "higher paid federal employees" are managers, not the rank and file worker bees. Managers don't have union leadership. Managers are incompetent and have to hire management consultants in order to do their jobs. Other than that, I agree with your post.
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  • Sad Truth
    We get what we pay for. I work for a national secutity agency. One of the bigger ones. I've seen pressure to "right-size" our federal employee staffs for 20 years - since we started looking for tha "peace dividend." We were to do more with less by finding efficiencies. Well, by now, that means one federal manager with two supprot contractors sharing a contractor admininstrative specialist who answers the phones. What 15% of that do you cut? Are managers bad at managing? Sure they are. They were technical specialists that were promoted to their level of incompetance (See Peter Principal). With no traning budget, or back-up staff to fill the job during training, nobody gets to go to trainning. I was once told a general/flag officer gets 6 years of schooling in the military before they get to that rank. An SES gets almost 6 weeks - over an entire career. Why? to stay lean and mean! Does this make sence? Cuting 15% of support staffing makes a good budget-cutting headline, but what 15% of mission do we cut with it? Somebody please tell me which trains no longer need to run on time.
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  • Oops
    I should have said the principal Peter Principle.
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  • Really don't understand
    Just My Opinion
    A contractor doing my exact job makes more than twice as much money, and has the same benefit package as a federal employee, except the retirement portion is different. Their employer pays the benefit package. Why even be a federal employee if you get more money with the same benefits? And towards the end of their career they apply for government jobs so they can obtain a retirement package. Also, it's not my fault if the upper management positions at my agency tripled during the time of the last Administration when the economy was supposedly booming, but busted instead. Those positions were eliminated during the Clinton Administration. And I wouldn't mind contributing towards my retirement if I was a new employee just starting--I could plan it into my budget. It's really hard,however, to plan a $430.00 a month pay cut when the prices of everything else is going up and there is no chance of a raise in your future.
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