8:00 pm, May 24, 2015

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  • FWIW
    These Donkeys (Nat'l Security Archive) request A LOT of documents. And I mean A LOT millions of pages a year. And what do they pay???? NOTHING! I work some of these FIOA/MDR's. Some how the NSA (not the gov NSA) gets credit as a news agancy so they DO NOT have to pay for these services. While Joe Q Public would. What's worse is that these guys will request a documnet then they will appeal it if there is ANY redaction. These documents have to run thru agency after agency. The reviewers, subject matter experts that redact/declassify these documents are HIGHLY paid government workers, that have REAL WORLD jobs but are side tracked by these requests. Any idea on how much it costs to do one of the NSA's requests? How about thousands of dollars per request. Think about that next time you hear one of these complain about how long it takes to get their request back. I think they must think we have nothing but time to work on their case. How about a simple THANK YOU.
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